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Once your SQL database file gets corrupted,it becomes a difficult task to recover the lost information if you are not sure of the best procedure to use.You can use a manual technique to repair the corrupted SQL database or use a software which turns out to be the best approach.It’s important to understand the SQL server and reasons for corruption in order for you get the best recovery solution.
SQL server is a relational database management system that was developed by Microsoft.This means that it can store and remove information using other applications.There are three types of files used by SQL to manage and store data,they include:
Primary SQL server database files which have MDF extension.There is one primary file on each database which stores data and objects.Other things include indexes,views,columns,default keys,stored procedures among others.
Secondary files which have the NDF extension although they are optional.They are used to store data across many disks and you can create many of this files.Data can be stored as well.
Log files which have LDF extension.They are backup files for SQL server database and are used to restore information once a corruption occurs.There is atleast one log information in each database.
The most important file that can be corrupted and cause a breakdown is the MDF files because they result in corruption of the entire database.There are many reasons that can cause corruption the SQL database,they include:
Presence of bugs in disk drives
Deleting of data accidentally
Failure of the hard disk
Virus attacks
There are many other reasons that can result in corruption of SQL database.Once corupption has occurred you may not be able to access your data instead you get different error messages.
There are different ways you can use to recover your SQL database,manual techniques although there is no guarantee your data will be recovered or software technique which is the best approach to use.There are two types of manual techniques:
Log files can be used to restore data.They are used when the corruption is not severe but in other situations the log files cannot be used because the backup data has been corrupted.
Use of data recovery services is also used to fix minor corruptions although they require technical knowledge which can be confusing for those who are non-technical users.Examples of this database console commands are DBCC CHECKDB.
Software technique is the most important in all corruption cases because it repairs and recovers all the
corrupted data.Kernel for SQL database recovery is one of the best software to use this is because it recovers database very fast and without using much effort,primary database files are restored accurately,offers high end features,restores all database objects, and it also supports multiple storage of MDF files at the same time.
There are many other softwares that you can use in order to restore your database.But the most recommended is Kernel for SQL database recovery because of it’s features and ho w it works.Try out the software technique and it will work well for your SQL database repair.